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Wednesday 26 October 2016

This week we are launching a new exquisite hand-made deodorant to our family of green beauty products, and there isn't better opportunity than this to ask her founder Judith a couple of questions about her recently launched brand. Enjoy getting to know FINE !

What made you decide to create a new natural deodorant?

I have been looking for a good deodorant for years. Good in scent, efficiency and design. Nothing met my needs. Then a friend suggested, hey just make your own, it is simple. So I started -and already the first self-cooled batch was so good that I kept going.

What is the story behind the name and the philosophy behind the brand FINE?

This is actually quite funny. My husband is a man of a lot of words when you not precisely ask for it, but if you need information or his opinion he tends to be monosyllabic. He always says "Fein", if something pleases him, is great, is okay so go on. So I took him by the word, translating it into Italian (and English). FINE in Italian is ending, and this deodorant puts an end to your search for a good deodorant and an end to bad smells. And of course, it is "fine"-great! 

The philosophy is clear: keep it simple and beautiful.

What makes FINE different from other cream deodorants?

It is a mixture of everything. Every ingredient now is preventing unwanted odors at the same time nourishing your skin and smelling great. Nothing is in it you could do without. The perfect harmony of perfect design, texture and smell is new. If you look around design-wise deodorants are always located somewhere between toothpaste and intimate hygiene products. Ashamed somehow... and you can see it from the design. But why? FINE is a deodorant that you can finally put onto your bathoom shelf, proudly, showing off. It was not clear to me why such an importnt beauty product like a deodorant should not look as beautiful as so many other beauty products for your face e.g.

Who is Judith?

She is a curator, a researcher, a yoga teacher, a mother, a wife and new: an entrepreneur living in Berlin.

Any advice on someone transitioning to natural skincare products?

Forget the "Musli" image, just throw away your chemically-full and toxic cosmetics. Natural skincare has just become sooo much better the last couple of years, that there isn't really a big diferent anymore. They are just better! 

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