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Suti is a British Organic Skincare Collection based on Energy Healing. Each ingredient is carefully selected for its unique, nourishing and energetic properties to help improve, refine the appearance and feel of your skin. The range contains the finest Organic Essential Oils and Cold Pressed Vegetable Oils, while working with the energy of Reiki, Crystals, The Moon Cycle and Flower Essences.

Founded in 2010, Suti is the creation of homeopath, aromatherapist and complementary medicine practitioner Suzannah Jenkins, and her business partner, Tina Steadman. That’s the origin of the name SUTI. Their collaboration started when Suzannah introduced to Tina to homeopathy during her first pregnancy, and gave her some products to nurture and nourish her skin during this special time. Tina found them so special that she wanted to share the fabulous products that were being created, and the partnership began ! Read more about the founders HERE.
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