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Laura Muga was born in a small vintner village of La Rioja where she learned to admire and appreciate her parent’s dedication to wine culture. “Vineyards, Black and While Grapes, Wines, Grape Harvest, Winery, French Oak, Decanting, Garnacha, Tempranillo…” was the musical words she have been listening since she was a child. This is where the origin of UVAS FRESCAS began. Her ongoing passion for the wide world of wines has now been put into her line of organic cosmetics, all made from natural grapes. She has always been interested in the benefit grapes have in our health. Scientists are crystal clear; grapes have great antioxidant properties thanks to the Resveratrol compound that combats the ageing process. While discovering what grapes might offer to us, she started thinking…. The idea was born, it just needed to take shape !

UVAS FRESCAS embodies the essence of nature. She is totally convinced that natural solutions take good care of us and she will always be loyal to this basic principle. This is where she keeps her passion for the world of wine and natural products: it is the essence that she wants to maintain and transmit with her collection of organic cosmetics made of grapes.
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