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Corpo Natura comes from the Latin words 'corpo' meaning body, and 'natura' meaning nature. Simple, but powerful: Natural Body. "We don't go natural, we return". As it always meant to be !

We carefully select our products from the most recognized green-beauty brands. We take pride in choosing the best natural beauty products, and have hand-picked and curated our exclusive collection based not only on the purity and safety of their ingredients, but also on their effectiveness and lasting healthy skin benefits.

We embrace natural beauty and are committed to making you feel your best …naturally! Beauty lies in simplicity, and as such it comes naturally. It is an attitude which shines from within; felt and savored by each woman and our luxurious products help enhance that feeling and attitude from head to toe. We promise to deliver clean, non-toxic, exceptional products with high standards, because we believe you deserve the best !


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